FHA 580 Program
TheGoodPirates Home Loans offer a few programs that don't require perfect credit.  TheGoodPirates offer an FHA program that only requires a 580 middle credit score while still only requiring the standard 3.5% down payment.  The FHA 580 offers fixed interest rates with competitive interest rates. 

VA 580 Program   
TheGoodPirates offer a VA loan pre-approval with as low as a 580 middle credit score.  The VA 580 program is a No Down Payment program that allows veterans to receive standard VA benefits without having perfect credit.

Conventional 620
The Conventional 97 is a product that allows a borrower to purchase a home with as low as 3% down.  This product is great for first time homebuyers and borrowers who are looking to upgrade to a larger home.  The Conventional 97 loan is also a an excellent product for houses that are listed for sale, however will only accept conventional loans.

The Next Day 500 program  
TheGoodPirates offer the Next Day 500 program which allows a borrower to qualify for a mortgage one day after foreclosure, short sale, or bankruptcy.  The minimum down payment requirement is 20% and the minimum middle credit score requirement is 500. This program is unique and designed for borrowers who are unable to qualify government or conventional loans, however they have the down payment required.  

To apply for any of these programs please click on the apply button above and complete the full version of the application.       

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